Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today = Less Stupid

Aaron pulled the memory chip out in seconds. Apparently, it wasn't that big of a deal, but he is now MORE of a hero in my eyes. Shall we take a look at my latest obsession? To review, I've started feeling the baby kick, which has made it MUCH MORE REAL that a baby is coming out. In 19 weeks. In the winter. With high oil prices.

The obsessive knitting I expected to be doing back when I first got pregnant has kicked in full force over the last week. It started with the fish bootees, and has resulted in 3 more pairs of bootees, and a baby sweater.

These are the Bobble Bootees from 50 Baby Booties to Knit:

These were an insanely quick knit, like maybe 2 hours total, even with finishing? But they look to me like baby 'mules' and I have little faith that they will actually stay on a baby.

Next up are the cable bootees (same book), made out of Frog Tree Alpaca (yum).

For whatever reason, I had trouble understanding a bit of the directions (Using A, pick up and knit 63 sts along end of cable strip, 31 sts on each side of marked row and 1st on marked row). The marked row was in the middle? So I was stuck for a while on if I should begin the pick up in the middle? It didn't make sense, so I decided the author meant to say knit one stitch on the marked row. Then it all made sense. These I feel have some staying power!

Then, packing up for a weekend on Nantucket, I grabbed my other skein of Lucky (the March BMFA SOTM, medium weight) and cast on for a Baby surprise jacket:
This sweater is always a mystery to me! I can never figure out which part I'm knitting until it's almost done. I thought I had the perfect buttons for this.... but I can't find them. Sigh. When I finished, I felt the need to make matching booties.

These are Christine's Baby Booties. When I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket, I really thought I had enough for the booties (about 1 oz of yarn left). I made it through 1.5 booties, and ran out of yarn. Thankfully, at Sock Camp, my petite footed friend handed me her extra Lucky... so I was able to finish these off.

I have one more pair of bootees on the needles, but after those are done, I think I need to take a bootee break! My hands are hurting from the tiny needles and all the fiddly work.



Cute set! I love that shade of green. And booties are so fun!


Thanks for the comment for ICLW, returning a comment for you.

I so wish I could knit. I never understood how to do it, I am so impressed by those who are able to knit.


That is going to be one warm baby (and you won't even have to turn your heat up)! Beautiful knits - all of them!


Grrr, my comment got ated!

You are the Bootie QUEEN! (Slightly different from the Booty Queen!) And I lurves very much the Lucky in the BSJ, wow! What is the measurement across for the sweater? Since it will be a while before we see it on a real life baby Fiberfish.

Wait till you see what I'm cooking up for this baby, heh, heh. (Don't worry, you'll like it!)


Those are such cute baby items!


I love your lucky sweater and bootees. I have been working on super secret projects for a very special baby. I hope you have a great weekend.


The bootees are lovely, I agree with you on the first pair, I don't think they would stay on. The surprise jacket and bootees look great in that colour. It will be a very trendy and warm baby.