Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bootee Train

Ha! That title cracks me up.

Anyway. This weekend I did a bunch of knitting. I finished up my February Ladies sweater - but didn't get any pictures of me modeling that - so it's a no show for today. I did finish the second Fish Bootee:

These are so sweet - and a perfect pair of booties for the baby of FiberFish. I was joking with Aaron that this baby may be a little spoiled, as the navy yarn is cashmere. And the second pair I cast on for this weekend are silk. I can picture it now.... "Mom - are these mittens an acrylic blend? I would prefer cashmere." Ha.

As I stated on Friday, the pattern is Fish Bootees from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. I love the pattern - but I must have had 10 ends to weave in at the end! So - pretty fiddly... but they are so small, maybe the total time to make these was 3 hours. And the finished product is not only cute - but appears that it will actually stay on active little baby feet!



So cute! I reel back, gobsmacked by cuteness.

The drawbacks of sweaters for newborns are 1) you will be changing them every ten minutes, and even if they don't get the sweater it will be a pain to remove and replace it 2) it's much easier to keep them covered in a sleeper thingie 3) they grow really, really fast (the newborns, I mean, not the sweaters, alas).

Sweaters for 1-year-olds otoh are indispensable, and you will be amazed how fast that year goes.


P.S. Was it something I said?


Those booties are too cute!


The FiberFishie will be a handknit bootee snob! They are so cute and just perfect!


OMG!! Those are just too cute.


Sweet! Bebe can wear them with the whale hat! You did find the whale hat in all the yarn I shipped over to you from Sock Camp, didn't you?