Monday, July 28, 2008

Cheap and Cute

Next up on the baby stuff parade is the Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple:

If you have a really good memory, and have reading my blog for a LONG time, you may remember that I made myself the adult version of this sweater in 2006. That sweater was SO easy to make, and in the fall/winter - I wear it more often then any other sweater - it's like my version of a sweatshirt. I found that they had the same pattern for babies - and I knew I had to make it.

Why do I say cute and CHEAP? Maybe inexpensive is the proper word - but I was able to make the 6 month size (I'm betting on having a big baby!) with only one skein of Plymouth Encore! So, forgetting time to knit (maybe 10 hours?) this is a $6 baby sweater. How cool is that?

Now that I have about 7 pairs of baby booties and 4 newborn size sweaters... I'm moving on to more complicated baby things... in bigger sizes. Nothing picture worthy yet, but when I do post? You will melt from the cuteness.


said... it now! I have a new "baby yours" as Stephanie would say. I have made blankets, monkeys, booties, and am ready to move into the sweater realm. Can I feed off of your creativity? You can see photos of Jackson @
It is so hot here in Arizona that I haven't figured out what yarn to use for him, but I am t hining about a baby surprise with Valkyrie and Scottish Highland mixed. I am anxious to see your WIPs for your little one!


You are too late: having now survived 10+ months of the dreaded WoolyBabe Laser Cuteness Ray, I am immune. Although you can try.


It is gorgeous, the baby will look so cute. After having our coldest winter's day yesterday and probably again today, I am madly knitting a baby hat and then some mittens for the grand daughter. DIL in labour as I type. I will be off to work in a few minutes and waiting for the call to go to the hospital hopefull getting there before she is born.


That's one of my favorite baby sweaters to knit (and adult sweater as well).