Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I spent yesterday feverishly knitting on a Baby Surprise Jacket out of BMFA Lucky, in medium weight. I finished that around noontime, and then become obsessed with making matching booties (Christine Baby booties). I woke up early this morning to take pictures and blog about the cuteness.

It is then that Dumbass Cece struck. I have a memory card reader on my computer that sits somewhat like this:

I reached down to put the memory card in the reader, and stuck it instead in the floppy drive. And I can't get it out.

Hopefully, Aaron will come to the rescue when he gets home today. In the meantime, look forward to seeing pictures of 3 new pairs of baby booties, a new sweater and a little baby sweater.



Oh no! Good luck with that. I am using my imagination, and everything is too adorable for words.


oh, oops. damn. and lots of other colorful words. Ack!


popsicle stick and some tape??


Oh my! Big oops. Sounds like my week so far.


I can hardly wait to see the pics! And boy, those fishie booties look even better as a PAIR!