Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's way to F'ing hot for this

Today, I woke up, all ready to do some gardening. It was 82 degrees and 51% humidity at 9 AM.

Fuck that.

So - I came back into the AC and bound off my second sock:
I still love these. Sure, they are hard to get over my heel, but once on - feel wonderful!

I would say the height, if you do the pattern as written, is more of an anklet than a 'stocking' but that is just fine with me:


Pattern: Cleopatra's Stockings, size medium, 0 DPNs

Notes: Most of my observations I posted after finishing the first sock. If I were to knit them again (and I may!) I would do the larger size.

Started May 28th, finished June 8th.

Onto some baby knitting!



I can't believe you are done with them! I have not even taken the yarn out of the plastic bag!
Yeah Baby knitting!


Those looke fab! You are so quick!


Beautiful socks.

YAY for baby knitting!


82 and 51% Try 95 and 90% humidity. It is very hot and muggy here. I hope you gets lots of knitting done today. I am still working on secret projects for babies.LOL Have a great Sunday


Well done, they look beautiful! I do think that since I'm knitting the small size that I'm going to add in an extra repeat to get a little more height from the sock.

Still, I'm so jealous that yours are done. I can't wait to be able to wear mine, and I'm still not even finished with the gusset on #1.


Your socks look great! I am jealous. I'm so far behind on my sock knitting, I'll be lucky to get the May socks done before the July package arrives.