Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crisis and new knits

So, I took this picture about 2 weeks ago, and just never blogged about it. Remember this happy picture of my progress on my Kauni? I guess I don't have eagle eyed readers, because I messed up the pattern, and no one mentioned it. Ripping ensued:

That was about 6 hours of knitting that got ripped out. You can bet I'm not making THAT mistake again. The project was mostly put aside for knitting on the shawl. It's going to be making it's way back into the rotation soon!

But, in more happy knitting news, I'm working on Anouk for a friends baby. She is turning 1 on Friday!

Ever since this pattern came out, I've been waiting for a baby to knit it for! I'm waiting to see if the biggest size will fit her before knitting anymore.



Oooh, sorry about the ripping. I hate when that happens. (Better ripping than tinking, though.)