Friday, September 21, 2007

What I'm doing now....

Thanks for all the great comments on all my socks. I figured out that at an average of 20 hours per pair (and some took MUCH longer) that I made five cents an hour knitting all those socks! To up my payout, I entered some knitting in the Bolton Fair - 5 items.... I may win as much as $5!!! I'll be going over on Saturday to see how I did - wish me luck!

For now, I'm knitting on some 'longer' term projects (although it really weird to not have a socks on the go). First, I'm back to working on the Maple Leaf Shawl... which is too big to get a picture of at this point, but here is the purple blob as it stands:

I'm really hoping to get this finished by Oct 6th to wear to a wedding! We'll see how that goes. I still have two repeats left in the main body, which are 20 rows each... and then the edging. Amazingly enough - I'm still loving knitting this!

My carry around project is my kauni cardigan! It's also slow going, but that is a nice change after all the socks. Plus - I'm easily amused by watching the colors change. Of course, being who I am, I'm a little nervous that my colors are going to meet up at some point. I'm anxious to get through one full round of colors to be sure it won't happen...
I've actually never steeked before (well, on a sweater that I care about) so this should be interesting.