Friday, October 19, 2007

Rhinebeck and random...

I'm off to Rhinebeck tomorrow! Huzzah!

I'm also a square on blogger bingo... so to help out my stalkers - I'm planning on wearing my purple beaded shawl. It'll be too warm for my earlier plan of wearing Marmalade.

I went to Nantucket on Weds to celebrate with my mother in law for her birthday (and give her the blanket). She really liked the blanket, which is a good thing. On our way home - I saw another knitter on the ferry:

Of course I had to snap a picture to feed the blog.

But, I was knitting yesterday afternoon, and was noticing just how beautiful the view from my knitting chair is:

The leaves are really changing!

Well, after one of my most disjointed posts EVER - I'm off to work.



Oh, can I come and sit in your chair. If my view was like that I wouldn't bother going to work. Well second thought I would have to if I want to life the way we do. bugger.