Saturday, August 18, 2007


Usually, work trips are 'eh'. You know, not horrible, but certainly not super fun either. Well, this time - I had a great time! First, I got to hold a little baby - the one that received my latest Itty Bitty Hat:

6 weeks old! SUPER SWEET! That is my work buddy Leah holding her... she knits, you know. And - she went with my to Loopy Yarn at lunch one day.

But the big knitting highlight? KIPing! Bonne Marie always has a little blurb on her website of KIP day - and it's usually the 3rd Thursday of the month. Well, every time I go to Chi-town, it's NEVER the 3rd Thursday. I was a little nervous to go and crash their party - but I shouldn't have been. What fun gals!

Here I am, still working on my trekking socks, Jewell was right next to me knitting up a tuxedo shirt from IK, and Dana ? What was the final decision on your pesto crisis?

Across the table from me - I found out that Corrine is writing a book (on the far right), Mary was just plain nice and Michelle! Look down lower in the post for a better picture of her awesome blanket!!

And then. Bonne Marie , the gal that left early (Sorry! Didn't catch your name!!!)and Trope. Trope's little baby boy (oh, yeah, and husband) were so sweet - but left before I whipped out the camera. Bonne Marie was really fun to talk to - and even took my teasing pretty well when I mentioned that the Cece pattern should at least go up to a Cece size! Ha. I ended up staying pretty late - and she walked me down the street and gave a mini-tour of W. Division street. Really, a great night.

Oh, and check out this blanket:

Michelle, you inspire me! This is the Modern Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knits. I really liked it in the book - but seeing it up close - I may need to make it. But, it's a lot of garter stitch....

Thanks for showing an out of town knitter an awesome time!



Indeed, it is a ginormous amount of garter stitch! But I think the result will be worth it. Thanks for the kind words. It was great meeting you, and now I have a new blog to read, too!


it was nice to knit and chat with you!



So very nice to meet you in the Big Windy -- especially fun for a Patio turn of the needle outside.

I especially enjoyed walking Division St -- I felt our town was your town!

Come back and see us real soon, now :)


Hooray, I'm so glad you could make it out to KIP and so lucky that it was the evening I finally dragged the little family out to be social again! I've been inspired to get back to work on knitting; I may finish this pair of socks in somewhat under a year. Come back whenever you can...