Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Itty Bitty Hat

I've been getting a bit of knitting done this weekend. One of my friends at work has a baby girl due on 7/7/07 - so I needed to knit another cute baby hat from Itty Bitty Baby hats:
Vertical Stripe Hat, 6-12 month size
Size 5 needles
Yarn: Touche from Berroco

This was a neat way to construct a hat - you do everything in strips and attach the different colors together as you go. I bet I can make 6 of these hats out of the yarn I bought for just one, though! This will have to be my default baby girl gift for a while... now that I've run out of the angora for the baby booties.

While I was knitting (and a bunch of other errands done that you can't do when working each day until 10 PM) Aaron and his father were working on the next part of the porch renovation - installing skylights. They look awesome!

Thanks for all the kind words on Aaron's poison ivy - they actually don't think that is what it is. He got some steroids that should have cleared it all up - but his hands still hurt a lot (and therefore still cranky). All at the Braun household hopes this is over soon!

: )



I had a reaction to sun and antibiotic, and new sun screen thrown in for god measure. I couldn't believe how tender my palms were. Red and splotchy too! Hope he is all better. Love the sky light.


I had horrible poison ivy once (on my feet, couldn't walk for a week) that steroids didn't seem to help much. There is some OTC stuff called Ivarest that has helped me a lot. (It's part calamine, part antihistamine, and it's good for bug bites and pretty much any skin allergy.)

That hat is so cute!! How do you attach the strips together?