Monday, February 26, 2007

Finished Entrelac!

And I LOVE it!


Felted Napsack Kit (Purple Passion) from Knitability

Needles Size 7 Susan Bates

Started at the Beanpot (Feb 10) finished Feb 26th

Only thing I want to do differently than the original pattern is to put some sort of lining in. I'm going to bring it with me to my quilting class and see what they would recommend.

And my favorite part? Look how cool the bottom is:

Isn't that pretty? Reminds me that somewhere I have a pattern for a entrelac Tam... hmmm... I also love the finished size - it's actually the size I would expect a backpack to be! I'll really get some use out of this bag, unlike other felted bags I have made. Finishing this bag gets rid of some stash from 2003!

Thank god this came out decently. I had yet another issue with my Marmalade Jacket this weekend. This would be the 3rd time I've ripped back over 4 hours of work on that sweater! I haven't blogged about it - because all of them are stupid mistakes. But this pattern is so different that anything else I have knitted.. I tend to get into a groove with the slip stitch patterning, and forget the shaping I'm supposed to be working. SO FRUSTRATING.

Although tempted to cast on for something else, in the spirit of the bustalong, I dug around for some more mindless UFOs. I found two. First - the Figure 8 Shawl (which I started on August 1st, 2006), and the second was a plain triangle garter stitch shawl the predates this blog - so from over 3.5 years ago! I have maybe 7 UFO's floating around... and 3 of them are shawls. So, when Aaron and I went to see a sneak preview of Wild Hogs (I highly recommend this movie - it was AWESOME) I brought the garter stitch shawl to work on in the movies. When I was ready to throw Miss Marmalade into the garbage, I pulled out the Figure 8 shawl to work on.

I know that some people are having trouble staying on their 'yarn diets' but for me, this is actually turning out to be fun. I've rediscovered so much fun stuff in my stash...



That is awesome!! You'll need to show us when you get the lining in.


Wow, it looks like it felted up wonderfully! Looks GREAT!

HAHAHAHAHA- look at what my word verification word is.... it is DIRTY!!!

fahjyna!!!! can you believe it!!!


Great job on the napsack!

I'm not really bugged by not yarn shopping either, it's actually a bit refreshing knitting through some 'old' projects.


I am ohhhing and awwwwing.



Really beautiful.


It looks lovely -- obviously the yarn worked out for you just fine. It will be interesting to see what you decide on the lining

Gwen Bortner
Knitability, LLC