Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My New Addiction


This bag is SO much fun to knit. I'm very close to finishing, but have run out of yarn. If you read the directions (which for once, I carefully did, as knitting this is a first for me) it says to cast on with one color, and then do the next set of squares in another color. But - if you go up to the yarn requirements, it contradicts that. I figured it was a typo in the yardage requirements, as it said the color more than a few times in the written directions, so I just went with it.

I quickly realized (but not after 6 + hours of knitting) that I made the wrong decision. Then, I thought I should call the company I bought the kit from, Knitability, and ask them if they still sold the yarn (I was worried, as I bought this kit back in 2003). Well, the owner called me back, and she knew exactly which pattern and colorway that I was talking about - and the mistake. She wouldn't take the money for an extra skein - and is sending me one more in the mail! What an awesome company!

And this is such a fun thing to knit . I recommend that anyone who has wanted to try Entrelac, but have been intimidated, to give one of their kits a try - very detailed and understandable directions.

Oh! And not only am I learning Entrelac - but when Amanda came over on Monday, she was knitting on Argosy , and reminded me that knitting backwards made a lot of sense with the little entrelac squares - so I forced myself to learn that - and know the knitting is flying. It's great fun.



That is lovely. Are you going to felt it?


Its going to be amazing!


Didn't I tell you that entrelac is addicting?