Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Tuesday

I've got nothing exciting to show in the way of pictures, so I thought I'd get a bunch of random things out of the way.

1. Amanda opened up an Etsy store - she has got loads of cool jewelery on it. I already bought something.

2. I'm really angry at the Marmalade Jacket - I can't even think of knitting on it. But I really want to get it done! It's so frustrating. Yesterday I knit more on the Figure 8 shawl instead.

3. This week, I should be getting my SOTM club yarn! Both Sundra AND STR! Yipppeee!!!! I will admit that all other knitting will assuredly be cast aside for one if not both of these kits.

4. Work sucks currently. For a bunch of reasons. But it's making it so I don't have a lot of knitting time. This is normally the point at which I would be at my LYS buying yarn to make up for lack of knitting time (which makes no sense whatsoever, but isn't that what we all do?). Instead, thanks to the Bustalong, I'm finding myself digging out old forgotten projects, or doing fun things with yarn I already have.

5. I've joined Weight Watchers online. I need to lose 6 pounds in the near term, and a heck of a lot more after that. WW really works for me, and the new online points tracker makes it easy. But, I'm tempted to go out an eat a pound of chocolate. The 4 pounds I've already lost is helping stop that urge - but I'm also noticing that I feel a lot better when I eat well. Big surprise, I know.

6. I signed up for my first Master's swim meet. I joined a master's swim team in January, and they all convinced me to do this. It's in March, and I'm excited and nervous at the same time! More motivation to keep going to the pool.

That's all I've got for today...maybe some exciting pictures soon. I can't promise anything, though!



Yay you!! I can't wait for the STR shipment!! I've lost nearly 20 in 4 weeks with my program at th Joslin and I swim 3x a week. HAve a blast at your meet!


cool re the swimming! A local master's group meets at the other end of the pool when Hannah has diving. If I weren't across the alley at the rink I'd be with them ;)

bummerbummerbummer re Marmalade. It's SUCH a pretty sweater though...


I've been thinking about weight watchers online. I'd never attend an actual meeting, but online stuff I'm more prone to do. Although I wonder if it'd be effective since it's online and not as visual in person.


Sorry to hear that Marmalade sucks so bad. :( Maybe you need to spend some time just snuggling with the finished part, to help you get past your feelings of hatred and resentment. Perhaps you could make it a snack and have some tea with it, or buy it something pretty. Just tryin' to help out...