Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stop the presses!

Yesterday, I had dinner with my knitting gals - including Laurie (of lobster nose fame) who is visiting from CA. She brought us all a present of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace and the pattern for the Figure-8 Fantasy Shawl. First. The yarn is WONDERFUL. I don't know how I never knew this stuff existed... I would have had it in every color! But - since I don't - look at the fun color that Laurie got me:

The color is called Sugar Maple, but I choose to call it Flame! Love the color. But the shawl itself is WICKED cool. Go check it out. I'll wait. It's got this neat figure 8 pattern, but then it's framed with Feather and Fan lace (one of my favorites).

This is now THE project I'm working on (until it makes me mad or I get bored with it, der). I'm kind of loving this summer for knitting. Since it's hot - I have no pressure to actually finish anything! I can start up projects with abandon. I understand this may come back to bite me in the ass in a month, but for now, I love it.

In non-knitting news, let me show you the beginnings of our front walk:

Helping with the measurements is Aaron's father, Bernie. Our front walk right now is a mess, so you guys can't really understand what an improvement this is going to be. Thing is, Aaron needs to make it 55 ft long! This isn't a short term project... but all the work will totally be worth it. I'll show pictures from time to time.

Let's see, what else was I going to show you guys? Oh yes, more cute baby things. Well here is the back and one front of the Baby Owl (a Penny Straker pattern you can find here) :

The yarn is Elann Sonata, a cotton yarn I swapped for at the Team Boston get together back in February. Can you see the little owls? I have a close up picture that blogger won't let me load. Sigh. Anyway - you put little buttons on for the eyes. Super cute.

That's all for today - more new yarn pictures tomorrow!



Your new shawl is going to be lovely. I like the new name you've given the yarn!


I can see the owls!! How lovely- how clever!!!! Nice shawl and new wool too. I love to rename things.
Happy paving!!!!


The shawl pattern looks interesting, it should look great in the colour you have. The baby top is gorgeous, such a pretty colour. Isn't it good to see men at work, the path is looking good, it looks a nice sunny day, we are starting to get some cold days after last weeks warm winter days, August is the coldest usually here, but I am guessing nothing like your cold weather.


Normally I would be posting about the yarn... the knits, ect. But... the guy working on the front walk has me so jealous! Do you think he could have a talk with my hubby about our front steps? Please? ;)


Um, so what would it take to share that Great Shawl Pattern with a really nice Tribal Organiser? (Oh! The Cheek)


Wow, your new yarn is really totally amazing, such great, summery colors! The shawl will definitely look fantastic, the pattern sure seems interesting!
Great work on your front walk, and how nice of Bernie to help out!
And I totally love your Baby Owl, once more a gorgeous color and the pattern is so cute! Looking forward to seeing more of it!


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