Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm GOING!!!

I got my final package for the 2006 STR sock club today (awesome yarn, as usual)... but more importantly.... the information for Camp Cockamamie! I am ridiculously excited about this! I'm going with my friend Laurie!! We are number 1 and 2 to sign up! (That is a lot of exclamation points!!!!)

Their are 4 main reasons for the excitement...
  1. It's on Orcas Island. I've been there before - and it is a totally beautiful place.
  2. The Yarn Harlot will be there!
  3. Time with Laurie (who moved far far far away, and I only get to see her once in a few months)
  4. Um. Do I even need to say it? Blue Moon Yarn. Der.

Sorry my blogging as been so boring.... I have finished all of the secret stuff, and I'm on the final sleeve of the sweater for my Aunt. I have finished 6 out of the 8 things on my holiday knitting list, and actually looking at that blog post, all the other things on the list too. I still need to add more length to the Waterfall Scarf.... but that is impressive! And the other 2 things not done include my mom's quilt, which I just need to put the binding on, and the final sleeve of my Aunt sweater. One of the secret things I can't wait to share with you all, but will need to wait until after Christmas - but it is one of the most fabulous non-knitting thing I have ever made. And the sweater for my Aunt? Not really picture worthy, but I'm hoping to be finished tonight with the last sleeve.

In random 'stuff' - I love the new knitty. I want to make this sweater. Of course, I don't have any bulky yarn in the stash... so that will be on my list when I go to Webs for the year end sale.



i am hoping to go, i told my dh i wanted to go for my christmas pressie. did you get the package i mailed you last week?


I'm excited you're going! See you there.