Monday, November 20, 2006

Big on time, short on money....

So my Christmas gift list is mostly handmade! I generally don't go this route, but this year, it's necessary. We are definitely house-poor this Christmas! With re-doing that upstairs bathroom, finishing the brick front walkway, and putting in new garage doors.... let's just say we aren't going crazy with the gifts this year. So, taking into account my large fabric and yarn stash, and 9 vacation days to go for the year, I've got a hefty list of things I want to make.

1. Quilt for Mom. The top is done, and even at the machine quilters... but I messed up on piecing the backing (damn math) so I need so fix that (tonight!) so I can get it back to her this week.

2. Yankee swap present. Each year, the women in my community get together for a holiday dinner, and we do a nice yankee swap. I decided to make a quilted holiday table runner. I actually have that pieced together, and I quilted it... just need to put a binding on it.

3. Table runners. See above. I was making that table runner at my mother in law's house, and now she wants one. And I want one too! Thankfully they are easy, and I have 2 quilting nights between now and Christmas to work on them.

4. A surprise present

5. Another surprise present (but almost done)

6. Placemats for my father

7. Sweater for my Aunt (the one I've already started, out of the super nice yarn in the super boring pattern)

8. Pair of fiesta mittens for a friend

And then, the stuff I can't resist making for myself... First the Gossamer Shawl with Ruffle, out of the Karabella gossamer I brought at the beginning of the year at Webs. The picture doesn't do the yarn justice - it's a nice charcoal grey with an almost tinsel like red sparkle thread going through it - I want to have this to wear at holiday parties.

And then working on the Shell Fringe Scarf is too much fun to resist:

And, I'm also plugging along with the Dulaan sweater (almost done with the front!)

I've got over a month for all this knitting - with 2 vacations thrown in! I'm taking a few days off around Thanksgiving (we'll see how much gets done - my whole family is coming to my house this year - I can't wait!!!), and then I'm going to Key West (yippeeeeee!) with my girlfriends Dec 6 - 11th. I think it's all doable.... we'll see as the days grow shorter.