Friday, December 15, 2006

Knits of years past...

So. I continue to work on my Maria sweater (nothing interesting going on there, except my stupid dog took one of the balls of yarn and tangled it all over the office. Angry. Cece.). And I'm working on other stuff, but it's all a secret gift stuff. I was digging through my pictures, and I realized that I have pictures of stuff that I knitted before I started blogging! Shall we go down memory lane?

Here is a sweater that I made out of Cascade Fixation, out of a pattern from Cast On.

First - I love that sweater - I think it's cute. Second - the biggest thing I remember from making it, is that the designer was BLIND! After I read that, I realized that I could knit in the dark.. and my knitting while in the movie theater began. Oh, and I remember when Aaron took this picture, I thought I looked fat. WTF.

Now, we can move onto socks that are no longer.

These socks are from a sock of the month kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. I loved all the kits she sent, but I'm not responsible enough for non-superwash wool socks. These got felted the first time I washed them. The good new is that I have a friend with size 5 feet... who is the perfect size for a felted pair of size 10s.

These are the second pair of socks I ever made. For Aaron. He never wore them - 'I don't want to wear them out', and now I don't know where they are. I made them out of the Regia Sport weight... I made myself a pair also - and I still wear them!

Ah.... the world of Aaron's sweaters. This seems to be the only one I have a picture of. The pattern is from Vogue knitting for Men (or something like that)

The yarn is so dark - it was pretty much impossible to take a picture of. It was a fun ribbed sweater, with a nice cable pattern down the front. The arms are too long, and the sweater is WAY to hot for Aaron to ever wear. Sigh.

This last piece is a felted bag that I LOVED when I saw it knit up. It was the first felted anything I made, and I used Lamb's Pride and some crazy novelty yarn.

Felted bag with mohair content + clothing = bag that never gets used because of ridiculous amounts of 'fuzzies' getting on EVERYTHING. I still have this bag... I try to shave it every once in a while. Surprisingly, that still doesn't work.

Tomorrow, maybe some current knitting content!?



cool! I'd make another bag JUST like that only with the brown sheep yarn without the mohair :)

Funny re our self-image, eh???


thanks for taking with you down memory lane :)


Ahhh, if only I were that 'fat', heh, heh!