Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cool new jewelry!

Amanda came over yesterday and we threw a jewelry party! She make the most amazing stuff (buy it here), and a bunch of friends and neighbors came over to do some holiday shopping. I, of course, couldn't resist - check out my new necklace:

See how nice it goes with Klara? Love it.

We did have a minor crisis while getting ready for everyone to show up... Amanda makes some of the most amazing dips (hummus, bean dip and walnut/feta) and that was basically what we were serving at the party - I had gotten some cheese and other stuff... she had asked before she came over if I had a 'stick blender'... and I was like 'sure I do!'. Well, turns out no I don't. No worries, I figured we'd just use the cuisanart... which we find out is broken. So I'm walking up and down my street, asking random neighbors if I can borrow their food processor. It was too funny.

Knitting? Yeah... still working on that sweater. It's not going to make it in the mail in time for Christmas. I must accept defeat. But - I'm not going to stop working on it until it's done! I need to get that thing out of the house!!!



very cool necklace!


Very nice necklace. Merry Christmas to you and Aaron.