Sunday, November 05, 2006

All sewing, all the time

Barely any knitting has taken place this weekend. Mom and I worked on those curtains most of the day yesterday, and I cut up the fabric for her quilt. Someone asked if because it's a Christmas quilt, was I using Christmas colors? The answer is no - here is a pile of the fabric, ready to be sewn:

Mom wanted yellow and blue. The quilts I made her last year for the cabin have a lot of yellow in them - and this quilt is also for the cabin. So the cabin wouldn't be totally covered in yellow, we came to a compromise. Mostly blue, with a little bit of yellow, green and purple. There are a lot of stripes to be sewn together, and then cut up into smaller units. I'm going to try and get that part out of the way, so I don't have a bunch of cutting to do at the weekend, I have a cutting table at home that is just the right height - doesn't kill my back like a lower table does.

I also got some really fun fabric for a new bag... but I'll keep you all in suspense on that one....



It was me asking!! Thanks for the photo of the material you are using. A good compromise on the colours!!!