Saturday, November 04, 2006

Great Saturday...

My mom is visiting this weekend, and we had a really fun day today. We started off by going out to breakfast at the local diner, and then spent most of the morning figuring out the logistics of making pleated curtains for the baby room. I bought the cutest fabric, and we had planned on putting these together when she visited. Even though there is no longer a baby on the way (at least yet) we still felt it was important to get to work. Good thing, too - as Mom is all freaked out about doing it right... so it's slow going.

This afternoon, we went over to pick out fabric for Mom's Christmas present quilt - and met up with Tarsha. She is going to start quilting with us on Monday nights, so wanted some help in picking out the fabric for her first quilt. After shopping, we went for tea at the Teapot Tea Room, which is always fun.

The rest of the afternoon, Mom and I have been in the same room - she is working on the curtains, and I was cutting the fabric for her quilt. I'm going away next weekend for my quilting weekend in Portsmouth - and wanted to get a head start on the cutting. I'm hoping to get the whole quilt finished next weekend - so I can send it off to the longarm quilter, and then get is back in time for Christmas.

No pictures today... but maybe tomorrow!



The material is so cute and I like the quilt. Will it be in Christmas colours?? Sounds like a lovely afternoon!!