Monday, November 06, 2006


So, October was my month in the Tribe to be the 'Person of The Month', or POM. It couldn't have come at a better time. Getting fun packages from across the country and even across the globe is a great way to knock me out of my funk. I'm still going through some 'sad' times, but those are getting less, and the good times are getting back the the normal levels.... it's a process, and I'll make it through I'm sure.

Here are a few packages that I got earlier in the month:

This group is from Donna (the Opal sock yarn and long gone chocolate), Jade sent the baby sock book and other Halloween goodies, and Rox sent the bag, yarn, chopsticks and a magic 8 ball!

Then, this weekend, two more packages!

Donni sent the calendar and sticky notes (the calendar is already up in my office at work - where you guys live is BEAUTIFUL! I need to visit someday....), and Cindy made me a sweet little fishy bag and filled it with more chocolate (I love you guys) and a neat notepad.

Thanks everyone - it was great to have little bits of cheer arriving in my mailbox throughout the month.



Quite the chick Cece - :)


Shit, I may be pissed, big win on Melbourne Cup, but is this writing so small I can't read it, will try again tomorrow. So Cece, I nearly did the 3 weeks no drinking with you, just about 4 days shy, hope all is well, Anne your Aussie Friend.


Take Two, from drinking or non drinking pal. I forgot what I was going to say now. Oh yeah. I posted your POM gift and your Swap gift yesterday, so in 2 weeks time you should have it. I think you will love it. Keep well.


I'm glad something was able to cheer you up. While you'll never get over the loss, in time the pain from the loss will ease up. And someday you'll have a beautiful baby to share all those wonderful knitted garments with.

Until then, well you could force the dogs into modeling. :-)


i'll second what rebekah said. the pain does ease eventually. your pom gift from me will get into the mail this weekend!