Thursday, August 03, 2006

Train rides and Tornados

So, when I took the picture below, I had thoughts of a chirpy little post where I talked about my trip to NYC on the train, and how I did so much knitting, blah blah blah. Here is my view as we sped down the tracks:

I actually got a lot of knitting done. This pattern has you knitting the 3 center motifs separately, and then the 2 panels that attach to the center, and at the end, you sew it all together. I finished one center motif, and made good progress on the 2nd. I decided to stop knitting and pack up, because they called my station stop.

Then. The train stops.

The announcer says that a very bad storm had passed through the region, and there were a lot of trees on the tracks. So we are crawling along, and then we come across another tree that was on fire! And then, we lost power. I was on the Acela (which runs on electricity). Since it was an Amtrak train we were on, the Commuter rail people wouldn't come 'rescue' us with a diesel train. So we had to wait HOURS until another Amtrak train could make it to us. They couldn't get us to the 128 Station on the train, so we had to take a bus. I didn't get to my car until 10:30 - and I was supposed to arrive at 6:17 PM! I missed my banjo lesson and everything.

Heavy Sigh. Turns out an actual tornado passed through the area - the whole town was a mess. Our bus even got detoured 2 times on the 5 mile drive to the train station due to trees blocking the roads.

Good news is that the heat wave is breaking today, and the weather should be awesome for the Three Day Walk.



That train looks set for comfort with a table to put your things on. The trip doesn't sound relaxing at all. I wish we were having some heat, it is just getting colder (like tops of 16) Yes I know that is not cold you are thinking, but it is here on the coast. The colour is looking pretty good as you are knitting. Good luck on the weekend with your walk.


I'll be thinking of you when you're walking this week end. Of ocurse I'll be surrounded by a pack of 8 year old boys at the time-it's Noah's Bday this week eND!


NOT a relaxing trip at all really. Good luck with the walk


good luck with the walk. I know what thise nightmare trips are like. BUt the extra knitting time is worth it i guess.


Wow now that is some excitement. I'm glad no one was hurt, too bad about the banjo lesson though.