Monday, July 31, 2006


Blogger won't let me load images. But here are things I would have shown you pictures of if I could:

- This weekend I worked on another cute baby thing.
- I got new yarn and fiber
- Aaron is working on putting in a new front walkway. It's cool

And one thing that I won't take a picture of (cause it's gross):

My toe feels better!!!



Blogger is just boogelly!!
Glad your toe feels better!!!


That is great news that the toe is feeling better, good luck on the weekend on your walk, it will be good to read all about it next week in your post.


So good to hear that your toe is feeling better, yay for that! I sure hope blogger will let you upload pics soon, I'd love to see your new goodies!


Glad to hear the toe is healing. Hope to see pics of your work soon