Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's official.

My friend Laurie is driving cross country to her new life in Sunnyvale, CA. Sigh.

I spent Saturday and a bit on Sunday hanging out with her and the rest of the gang, but of course, the ONE picture I took makes us look like freaks, so I'm not posting it. We did our normal things - out shopping (got some cool beads at Caravan Beads!), out to eat, sat around and knit.... but we got to stay overnight at Bonnie's place in York, ME. Ohhhh so nice. We laughed, we drank, we cried. I've said it before, it is very rare to find a group of woman that meshes so well, and I'm so sad that Laurie is moving!

But, as Aaron says, that is what phones, e-mail and plane tickets are for. But I'll miss you Laurie!!!!

In other news, yes, I did go see the Yarn Harlot on Thursday night with Amanda and Amysue. It was totally insane. This is the closest I got to Steph:

Since I had already seen her 2 times before, I wasn't willing to fight through the crowd for a signature. But the fun part was getting to see Mamacate, Carole and Claudia (plus loads of other bloggers) who I now feel like are old friends. The rest of the gang went out to dinner to same place we had stopped on the way there, so Amanda and I decided to just go home.

I also wanted to introduce you guys to my new yarn:

It's all sparkley and wonderful! The first is Fortissima Colori 1000 I got with Amysue at her LYS (which I don't remember the name - Amysue can you tell us?) Amanda and I did a bit of fighting over it, but I won! (well, I think she let me win, actually). The other is a present from Susan...Ritratto. See, we are both making the DFS - and I went the 'rustic' look after seeing Mamacate's version out of homespun... but Susan went with an AWESOME hot pink Ritratto. I love both versions SO much. (and we have a little competition going on - what row you on now Susan? I'm on repeat 9, row 42). When the gang went to KnitWits without me, she got me this. Now, I need to decide if I make another DFS, or the new, fabulous beaded wrap from Knitty.



You feel like we're old friends? That's so cool. I'm really glad to hear it!


I love that Fortissima....I think I have some in turquoise! I don't know yet what day I'm going to MA....hoping to coordinate with the Knitsmiths & have a little field trip!


And just think of all the new yarn stores you can discover when you go to visit her!


Ooh, tendrils. Guess we'll have to go back to Caravan to get beads for that, eh?


Oh, and I'm still on repeat 7, row 53. My hands hurt too much to work on it Sunday night, and I wasn't home Monday or Tuesday night. But tonight, let's see if I can make any progress.


Barbara's store is Neccessties for Needlework and is iin Westboro,MA.