Thursday, March 23, 2006

Socks, Sushi, Yarn buying, Mail day, and trades

So I was in Chicago for 2 nights. During which I did knit - finished one sock and right away cast on for the next. I probably could have finished both, but I went out to dinner both nights with co-workers. If you are ever in Chicago, and like sushi, I would highly recommend Sushi Wabi. Get the Godzilla roll. It. Is. Freaking. Awesome. I also watched Brokeback Mountain in my hotel room, and got so caught up in the movie I stopped knitting (which is rare for me).

Oh, and there also was a lot of new yarn that forced its way into my carry-on bag. A friend from the office has just gotten into knitting, so I felt compelled to bring her with me to Loopy Yarns. Again, I just love that store - their selection of Lorna's Laces is out of control. Here are the more aggressive yarns that threw themselves at me and FORCED me to bring them home: On the top is some Trekking XXL, which if you can believe it, I've never knit with before, then some LL's Worsted in Camo for a hat for Aaron, the red yarn is LL's Shephard Sock in their Flame colorway (Flame! I love it!), the bluish is more LL's Shephard Sock, this in Lakeview, and finally, some fun, muted self striping yarn (I forget the brand).

When I finally got home, I had my Socks that Rock kit waiting for me (no need for me to post a picture, as everyone else opened theirs first - but I will say... ohh ahhhh I like it a lot!), the book One Skein from Amazon (lots of fun stuff in there - I'm knitting the Baby Bolaro for a friend), and then - this huge package from my cousin. Remember the Bobblicious I sent her? I got a HUGE box of fun Stuff from Archipelago Botanicals from her. Here are all the goods!
2 candles, shampoo, conditioner, two different kinds of bady wash and then a cool 'home difffuser'. I think I made out in this trade! Definitly worth knitting with the super chunky yarn (which I hated).

Glad to be home! Tomorrow is Aaron's Lasik surgery - think happy eyes thoughts for him, if you can. Back to work for me.



So glad you had fun and got home to find good stuff waiting for you.


Great sock yarn! I'm dying to know what that self-striping yarn is. I'm knitting with that Trekking colorway right now and LOVE it. Peppermint ice cream:


I think I bought that same rainbow-stripey yarn at Loopy last fall ... if I'm right, it's Lanet superwash.

I can't wait to visit that shop again when we're in Chicago this summer.