Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well! Now that the Olympic knitting is done, I'm feeling a bit free! Like I could knit ANYTHING! Cast on for a million different things! Yippeeeeee!!!!! But I won't, at least not today. I do have pictures to show, sorry for the wait. I have a few shots from the Team Boston Closing Ceremonies (during which I won a mug as a door prize!). The first is the shot that most of us got - everyone in a big room. It was the perfect place to have us all in - you could see what everyone was knitting - so many fun projects.
Then, I have this picture of Cara showing Kathy all of the Jaywalkers she's made (8.5 pairs so far) and, at the same time, having Claudia show her how to spin. It was one of the greatest part of this get together - meeting some of the bloggers I read often in person.

And finally, we did have a gold medal fashion show, but I could never seem to get the picture right. Oh well.

So. Now that I can move away from sweater knitting for a little bit (THANK GOD), I can show you the finished Bobblicious for my cousin. I actually finished this last Saturday, but didn't have time to post about it until today (didn't want to take the spark out of my Gold Medal sweater!)

Looks funny without a person in it, huh? Well, it's a little short for my long arms, and I needed to send it out to LA!

Details: Bobblicious from Knitty

Yarn: Lion Brand Thick and Quick (as called for in pattern)

Needles: Size 15

Details: Blech. Hate knitting with super chunky acrylic yarn - but it sure did go fast, and I'm getting fun body products (lotions, shampoo, lip gloss) from my cousin in trade. This is the sort of funky thing that she will love to wear - and she is one of the few family members I've knit for more than once - she loves handknit stuff.



It looks like you all were having a great time, it that at someone's home???
I know what you mean about we can knit anything now, it takes the pressure off a bit, I can't seem to sit still of a night, I have to have something knitting, I am becoming addicted more so than ever I think.


Heh. You're the only blogger who has joined me in Bobbilicious land. I KNOW about the damn blog btw and in a horrible spurt of masochism, I actually subscribed so I could writhe in envy. I may last a week. We'll see.