Thursday, February 23, 2006

Banner Day

Lots of good things happened yesterday, both knitting and non-knitting related. First, the final piece of the Olympic sweater is blocking! *insert happy dance here*
Tonight, I'll start putting it all together. But, since I finished that early in the evening, I got to work on something with color. THANK GOD. I picked up Bobblicious again. I'm at the point where I'm just knitting in stockinette until I hit 55 inches, and then I have the other set of bobbles to go. It just felt good to be working on something else! In this picture, I'm at 48 inches:

In non knitting news, I finally got to move from my cube, into a real office at work. I figured I should take some pictures before I make a mess of it. Here is the view from the door looking in:
Ok, so it isn't the biggest office in the world - but it does have a door that I can close whenever I want to. And then, the view from where I sit:

Here, you can see the very cool wall hanging one of the members on my team brought me back from India on his last trip home, my KnitBits calendar, and the little sheep my friend made me for Christmas up in the window.

OK - I'd better get on the road - need to be in that office soon!



I made Bobbilicious. Quite like Bobbilicious but almost never wear it b/c I can't get it under a coat!!!
Love that color!


Congratulations on moving to your own office. Isn't it the best? :)


Well lots of Yeahs are in order, first great job on the sweater, can't wait to see your medal. And yeah on the office, it's nice to have a space with tall walls and a door to call your own.


Everything looks great. Congrats on the new office (it's so nice to close a door sometimes, isn't it?).


Nice office, it is great having your own space, I like the idea of closing the door, I have 3 doors in my office - the front door, my bosses door and a managers door, all in all my office is private which I like, not like the rest of Council which is mainly petitions to separate workers.

Looking good with olympic knitting and the bobbilicious looks great, nice colour.


congrats on the new walls baby! nice job! have fun this weekend - miss me a little, will ya?