Friday, February 24, 2006


OK - I've got a stupid cold. I've pretty much managed to go through the WHOLE winter without getting sick, and I have to go and get a cold 3 days before our fun Boston Blogger party. Pooh. I'm drinking fluids and trying to get better as quickly as possible.... don't want to miss the fun.

While staying home sock (added later - SICK - I meant SICK. guess I should go knit socks.) today, I've gotten my whole sweater sewn up, and the button placement figured out - here is my progress so far:

Aren't those buttons great? They are some sort of rock - they remind me of marble. I just hope they aren't to heavy for the sweater. I'm a little out of it thanks to the cold medicine, so I'm going to take a break before I sew them on.

Nap time.



Sure your sick. We know you are faking so you can stay home and finish! Hope you "feel" better soon. Don't miss the party, whatever you do.


the buttons are awesome, and the sweater look really, really nice.

Hope you feel better and don't miss your party.


You stayed home 'sock' today? Did you call in and tell you boss, 'I'm sock'? I am surprised they let you do that. I am going to need to contact my employer and request additional 'sock' days. Yeah. That's it.
On another topic, the sweater looks good.


Congratulations, the sweater looks wonderful - I love how blocking makes it look so professional.


Ohhh its great! The sweater, I mean, not the 'sock' - har. Add some zinc to your fluids and I promise you'll make your party.