Wednesday, February 22, 2006

4 days 6 hours 24 minutes

Is what I have left to finish this:

I got a little obsessed yesterday, and got up to 21 inches. 4 more to go! It'll need to block over night, then I can start the buttonband and color.

So - I'm sure we all remember the success of Grandma's sweater. She even sent me a wonderful thank you card, where she said "The sweater is great, fits well and looks great. It's been years since anyone made me something that took so many hours and showed so much love and I want to thank you for my great '80 year old' masterpiece". Isn't that sweet?

Of course, there has to be a flipside to this great outcome. Every family member on Nantucket now wants a sweater. I even get patterns and sample skiens in the mail!

Aaron's mom is first in line (considering I promised her a sweater for Chirstmas). I tried to make that chunky sweater for her out of the Rowan Biggy Print - but I hated it SO much that I traded the wool for a necklace. Amanda took the yarn, and I'll get a Dutch Spiral necklace out of the deal. I just couldn't work on those big needles.

The good thing about this deal that everyone is striking with me is that these are people who are TINY - so I get to make sweaters that I would never make for myself. But - it's funny to have non-knitters picking out a yarn and a pattern... not one of those balls of yarn match the gauge called for in the pattern. And there is no way in hell that I am making an adult sized sweater out of mercerised cotton!



Wow. Well, my first thought is that you're a saint, though I do enjoy, at least the idea of, knitting for friends and family.

So I wonder if there's only one LYS on Nantucket, like on MV. Perhaps you should call up the owner and talk to her. Say, "if you see anyone in my family shopping, can you buy them a clue and help them pick out yarn that a) has some relationship to the pattern and b) I might actually be willing to knit with?" It would probably be pretty funny, actually.

Anyway, I hear you on the tiny. I'm always jealous of the people with the size 6 feet. Well, and the people who have big feet like me but knit so fast it doesn't matter (ahem).


You knit so fast! How cute that now your family all wants sweaters. You will get to try out all kinds of new things. And they buy the yarn! Doesn't get better than that.


Ya done gone and done it now! You will be filling orders from now until kingdom come! But you are a speedy knitter, so I know you will get them done in no time at all!


what a sweet note from your Gram!