Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Folks, this was my HUSBAND'S idea

Over this weekend, I started and finished a beret. I've had a fear of knitting berets, first because I wasn't sure if I'd like how they'd look on me, and second, I'm not all that great with gauge and hats. Whatever. Anyway. When I finished this hat, which I knew (KNEW) hours before this was going to be waaaay to big, I tried it on and showed Aaron. He said - are you felting that?

So, instead of being disappointed in my freakishly large hat, I changed my tune. Why yes. YES! I am felting this. That was the plan all along (not). Here she is after a quick bath in the washer:

Yarn: Brooks Farms Duet (this is to make a matching set with my Clapotis)
Pattern: Beret for Three Gauges, Knit Hats!
Needles: Size 5 for the band, 6 for the body

The pattern was well written (although I don't like way they format all the patterns in that book in a 'grid'). If I had checked my gauge in the beginning, instead of just dumping the pattern, yarn and needles in a bag and 'winging' it - I'm sure I would have come out with a proper hat. I used the worsted weight pattern, while I was getting a gauge of 4 stitches to the inch on size 6 needles.

And the most fun part of this hat? The top has a fun swirl pattern! Check it out:

Now, to see if I'll actually wear the thing.



I love it!
So sweet, her sweater request. How sweet of you to honor it. I'll be rooting for you! I am staying away from deadline knitting, I already have enough of it.


Oh I love it felted! Plus it will be all that much warmer.

See there are no mistakes, only design elements.


Way too cool with the spiral.


I love the spiral effect, too. And I love your head, LOL!