Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 KALs

So, even though I swore I was steering clear of knit-a-longs this year, I've signed up for 3.

1. Jaywalker. I'm almost to the heel of my second sock - right on track to get these done for the Feb 14th deadline.

2. 200sox. So many of my favorite handknit socks are getting threadbare (knit over 5 years ago) - it's time to supplement the supply.

3. Stephanie's Knitting Olympics. This weekend, while visiting Aaron's grandfather (who is the the final stages of cancer), I was talking with his Grandmother. She has yet to receive a handknit sweater from me, and I asked her if she would like one. By how specific she was with her request, I would say she does! She would like a red, machine washable, zipper front cardigan with cables. Her birthday is on Feb 14th, and she said to me, "I think it's going to get lost in the shuffle this year." (by 'shuffle' she is referring to her husband dying). So - I'd like to get this done by then, hoping that a little handknit warmth will soothe her during a very difficult time. And joining the knitting Olympics will give me a 'team' to get me through it.

No knitting pictures to show, although I did get a bunch done this weekend. I'll try and take some pictures tonight.



What a wonderful thing to do for your grandmother-in-law. It will be very special for her.


A very fine idea indeed! It WILL be very special to her.


What a wonderful and sweet idea. We should meet up half way through and spur each other (and anyone else in the area doing this) on.