Thursday, December 15, 2005

Where I knit (and the Trade Afghan!)

For Chris, here is my knitting spot. When I'm in the house, there is no other place I will knit. First, what you CAN'T see. This spot doesn't reflect any of my knitting books or yarn - those are all upstairs. The chair, yep, it reclines. And, it's facing the TV - I love to just sit there and knit and watch my shows off the DVR. Also, tucked on the right hand side is a cable for my laptop and a power cord... just in case I need to check something online.

Then from left to right:
- The little table there - it always has a drink of some sort, and in the little drawer are stitch markers, an extra dpn, a darning needle, and chocolate!
- Below the table, you see a covered basket?! In the 6 months that Henry has lived with us, I've learned to keep my yarn a little more contained! In that basket are the beginnings of 2 sweaters and my Jaywalker socks. (Plus a few books, needles and a needle sizer). On top, the container I'm keeping the knitting bracelet stuff, and the cordless phone.
- On the right? There is my Ott light (love it) and dumped on the side are all my in-flight projects. They SHOULD be in the basket for safety, but the basket couldn't fit them all right now.
- On the chair? Besides the remote control for the TV? Oh why yes - it's the Trade Afghan! Isn't it beautiful?! And doesn't it just match the room perfectly!? I love it, and USE it!

I thought I'd also share the funny poem that Sherryl included when she sent the Afghan:

I hope this keeps you nice and warm
and cozy
And also covers your toe-z's.
Made extra long for my tall friend
Hoping to cover her from end to end.
I hope you like this afghan as it was tough
To match your colors it was rough
Steph and I shopped and shopped
Until she wanted to bust both our chops.
We picked the colors and I went to work
Crocheting quickly with a little smirk.
Completing the project to deliver on time
And even wrote you this little rhyme.
I hope you enjoy this for years and years
And that your home is filled with Holiday Cheer!

The holiday knitting continues. I worked on one of the Surprises last night - and yes Laurie, one is for you - and it is the one that I keep changing my mind on!
Oh - and tagged for the "Where I knit" - Annie, Amysue, and Rox.



I love it!! And that afhgan, what pattern did she use, not that I am likely to dust off the crochet skills to make one, but it is loverly.
Thanks for playing the tag game.


You - snuck in and tagged me when I wasnt looking!

Must clean the knitting area first - but... I accept the tag!


Love that lamp by the way.


It looks so cosy, an the snow outside, how lucky are you.
I will have to remember to take a picture of my knitting chair on the weekend, in between knitting, 21st birthday party and more knitting, the christmas knitting is going to be my number 1 priority this weekend. It maybe a bit congested as we have everything in the loungeroom in the middle of the room as we are putting new architraves in, hopefully it will be done before christmas so I can put the furniture back.


I'll get right on it! Perhaps tomorrow I can take a picture for the blog. Right now I am sitting in my knitting spot blogging and knitting as the holiday knitting frenzy continues....


YAY! *dance* one is for me!

oh, cute afghan perfect even!



Oh, the afghan is lovely. Can't wait to see it up close.

What pattern? What yarn?


That spot looks comfy.

I have an email to send you (a response to your question about motorcycles) but blogger doesn't give me an email address for you, drop me a line. I have a button on my blog for my email.


Hey, Cece. I was looking for a sock pattern and ran across your blog. I don't know if you remember me. I was at Karen's quilting weekend in April with you and Amanda. I saw her at Quilter's Way not too too long ago. Are you doing any quilting these days? I am knitting socks and just finished a beautiful shawl. Now I want to try that beaded shawl you did. Hope you have a great holiday and send my greetings to Amanda when you see her!


I wish I had a craft corner like yours. Just love the view out your window.


Love the afghan. And I WOULD dust off the crochet hook to make it; it's really nice! I'm sorry I forgot about your blog; you are a good blogger and I am all caught up now!
For anyone who thinks that Cece's knitting spot looks cozy... be careful about trying it out just to see how cozy it is... she almost pulled my arm out of the socket when I tried it out! Yeeeow!