Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas on Nantucket

Well, all the Secret surprises are done. Christmas has passed, and I survived both my mother and Aaron's family. We went to Nantucket and I drove Mom around the whole island to give her a tour. Here I am with the dogs on Brant Point:

Mom isn't so swift with the digital camera, and since I KNOW I'll get requests, here are some more 'dogs running on the beach" pictures. It was a fun time - even though we were only there for about 24 hours! Mostly, we went because Aaron's Grandfather is sick (he has a large tumor pressing on his kidneys) and we really felt like it was important for the whole family to get together this Christmas, if even just for dinner. It's surprising how quickly his health has been failing, but he is a fighter. He had his second chemo treatment yesterday, and we just pray that he makes it through. He and Aaron's grandmother has been married for 60 years - it will be a big blow to her when he passes.

Ok - looks like blooger isn't going to let me post all my pictures at once - let me try some tricks.



The pics you were able to post are lovely (I've re-christened Blogger as Blog-grrrrrr for just that reason). Aaron's grandfather will be in my thoughts


what a lovely photo....will be thinking of you.


Oh, my! Puppy is no longer puppy sized. He is handsome though. I will say some prayers for Aaron's grandfather. Hope things go well.