Friday, December 30, 2005

Bathroom update

Well, although I did do some fun knitting stuff today (Web's Year End Blow Out sale, baby!) the camera is upstairs and I'm downstairs. Since I've been doing so much talking about the bathroom, I thought I'd post some progress shots. First, the before picture:

It may not look all that bad in the picture, but there is some pretty horrible linoleum on the floor, a toilet that swirls instead of flushes, and the cabinet with the sink - yep, it's exactly too big for the space, and the door rubs against it when you open and close it. On the left hand side, there are bifold doors which hid the washer/dryer(which we are NOT putting back in - they are so annoying. You have to close the door to the bathroom is be able to open the doors. Grrr.) . Oh, and there is different wallpaper in that part of the room (nice touch, huh?).

OK - here is the bathroom after removing the wallpaper and ripping up the floor. This was taken 2 days ago, from an angle that shows where the washer/dryer go - and no comments about the hair/tired smile/outfit: And finally, where we are today. The walls are done, and about 2/3rds of the floor is in! This picture shows more floor than the walls, but you can see the light blue color I picked, and that we painted all the trim white. Aaron and I will get the rest of the floor glued in place tomorrow, and depending on how long the glue takes to dry, maybe the grout also. Then, that needs to set for 24 -48 hours, and then comes the new pedestal sink and toilet! I just love the look of the new tile - and the walls came out great. I think I've finally conquered wallpaper removal - this time was almost painless. The only wall issues were due to the ridiculous amount of molly bolts that the previous owners had used, not me gouging the walls while removing the wallpaper.


Tomorrow, back to knitting pictures, I promise.



Oven mitt is in Knit One, Felt Too. Or take a mitten pattern and use large needles, 15US and double strand worsted and knit it oversized. The unfelted mitten is 18" long by 15" circumference. The pattern uses 10 rows of 6 colors with the decreases in the last color repeat. Thumb is 13 rows from ugsset to last decrease row, 2 rows of recreases. Clear as a bell?
Picture of my wall color here


The bathroom floor looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it for real.
BTW, I whipped up those adorable angora baby booties... almost makes me want to have a baby... oh crap, did i just say that???


Wow Cece! Thge bathroom looks MUCH better and that Marmelade jacket looks great. What are you knitting it from? :-) Stripey