Sunday, November 20, 2005

SP Thanks, and my Super Perfect Hat

Well! I got my first package from my 'real' Secret Pal. That first, wonderful package was from my 'Angel' - as my pal hadn't contacted me in a while. But, in the end, she pulled through! I love the tape measure (do you see? It's a little dog!) and of course, the Noro is just perfect. Thanks Pal! A great way to start my vacation!

Yesterday, Aaron and I drove to CT to pick up some stuff from his mother's house. She is moving and needed to consolidate a few things. As our clothes washer is being held together by duct tape, we jumped on the offer to take her washer and dryer (which are only 4 years old). And although I understand the energy conservation of the front loader machine, I was very happy to find out that it is a top load (read - you can felt with it). On the trip, I finished my Morehouse Merino hat, and I have to say it is just about perfect. Exactly the right size, color and the yarn... ooooohhhh. Perfectly soft and warm! I love it!

Today and tomorrow we are doing a few chores around the house, lazing around until Tuesday when we make the trip to Nantucket to spend Thanksgiving with Aaron's family.

Oh! And if you haven't - go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It is an AWESOME movie!



I love the colours in your hat.

Have a great Thanksgiving and trip to Nantucket.


I have the exact same tape measure!

The hat is very cute, I need to make me a hat. But then again I rarely wear hats, but still hats are good.


I love the hat. The tape measure is really cute and quite appropriate for you. If I ever entered this yarn store, I don't know if I could leave! Beautiful display of yarns. So glad you SP came through. Since she has done that I will reveal myself to you. I didn't know if I would be called upon to send more packages so I didn't. My name is Christine and I live in Paradise, California. My real email address is and my blogsite is http:/ I will continue to read your blog as you are a great inspiration to me. Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving.