Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a long strange trip it been....

Phew. Finally back from about a week away from home. The trip to Chicago was good, but by the time I got back to our house, it was time to turn back around and go into Boston for a weekend of celebrating Aaron's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. At least I had a fun package waiting for me from my SP6:
I love it all! Look at all the sparkles! And fun knitting books and bubble bath. It was a great way to return from a hard time away from home.

We had about 15 minutes to spare when I got into the house - I had to pack for the weekend in Boston. We really had a great time, although I definitely drank more than I should have. We stayed in a rather fancy place ,Nine Zero. It was a fun, funky hotel. Friday night, we had dinner in the restaurant there - the Spire. The food was fabulous, but I was so tired, it was hard to enjoy. Saturday, I spent the day shopping on Newbury St, where I found a super fancy outfit to wear to the true party on Saturday night at Sibling Rivalry. The family even hired a photographer to take pictures - it was a blast. I also got my makeup done at Elizabeth Grady, and a nice (and much needed) haircut at the Runway Salon. The Butterfly gals met me for the day, and we even got to hit Newbury Yarns - where I didn't go too crazy but bought some more Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz sock yarn - but this time, in greys and blacks.

I did get a lot of knitting done on my trip - here is a picture of the almost finished Bright Socks - I just have to finish the toes!

Are you all ready for Monday? I know I'm not!!!! Now, I'm going to be a good girl and put away my new yarn (in the proper color spot) and start that sweater for Sheryl.



Hi: I love those socks. They are so cool and bright and cheerful. If you put them on on a gloomy day, you would be in a bright mood all day long. My gosh, you travel a bunch. I used to do that, but would have a difficult time now keeping up with that kind of schedule. Glad you enjoyed the package. SP Angel
Your other SP is supposed to come through. The hostesses told me to hold off for the time being. So, I am so glad to have gotten you for the one time gift as I love your blog. Keep up the good work.


The socks look great. It's so hard to put new yarn away. Your being so good, I'm impressed.