Monday, August 22, 2005

Sock on a trip!

This weekend, we went to my family's cabin in the Berkshires. Aaron and I drove on the motorcycles... stopped by a friends cottage on the lake to go jetskiing, and we had fun hanging out with my twin 7 year old nieces, my brother and my mom. When packing for the trip, I noticed that I was almost done with the Clapotis (and dangerously close to running out of yarn) - so I forced myself to give the Sock Pal sock another try. We know what happened the last time.

But, I guess showing the sock a fun time makes it behave! First, it rode with me on the back of the motorcycle (see it there? In the 'trunk' of my motorcycle?):

Aaron and I showed the sock a good time: the twisty ride though the mountains, going out for pizza and playing horseshoes at the local waterhole, spending the whole weekend playing on jetskis and roasting marshmallows. Sunday afternoon, it was time to say goodbye to the cabin. Here is the sock with a somewhat confused mother (you want me to hold this sock?), and my very tired nieces.

After battling traffic, rain, and sultry heat, Aaron, the sock and I made it home. We went to doggie daycare to grab the dogs, got some sushi for dinner (yum) and sat down to relax. Here is the finished (first) sock reclining on the back porch. I like how this one turned out! Thank god! I'm using Kristi's Heatwave pattern (again) and Cherry Tree Hill Glitz supersock.



Boy I'm jealous of that sock, what a fun weekend.


Now my socks are jealous, I never take them exciting places. Why didn't the sock get to ride on the jet ski?


Sounds like you had a great weekend, what could be better...bikes, knitting, family and fun.


Lucky sock. I have to keep mine from sneaking onto the internet and seeing all the fun it could be having!

But truly, the colourway is beautiful and it suits the pattern to a tea! (to a T? a tee?)