Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mistakes Revealed

I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my snazzy beaded shawl. I'll let you in on the HUGE mistakes (there are actually 2). First one, and the biggest, was after the first section of beading, I somehow lost track of which side was the RS. It looks drastically different. But only if you know what it is SUPPOSED to look like, and that is apparently my saving grace. The second, smaller mistake is that I was supposed to have 4 garter stitch rows between the second and third beaded sections, and I only have two.

For the first time, I'm letting this mistakes just go. Usually I would rip it out, or just stick the project in a corner. This time, I'm admitting that while I was knitting this, I was very stressed out. And the beading was very soothing to me... but I wasn't able to hold it together on the actual design (as called for in the pattern). But, it still looks great. It's still a great shawl! And I'm letting it live on with it's mistakes.

The Sockapaltwoza sock however, wasn't so lucky. I'm following the pattern to the letter. I'm getting gauge. It looks ridiculous. It looks short and fat and stupid.

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It died a quick, painless yarn death.

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I can't decide if it's only the pattern that I hate, or if it's the yarn too. I have enough time to re-think the plan.



Oh No, an experienced sock knitter like you and this happens...I am not going to be deterred, I am going to cast on the socks tonight. I have posted your yarn today, I just hope you like it and the colours, the post office says 7 - 10 days for delivery. It is like signing your life away with the forms for customs etc. I love the yarn you sent me and the colour is perfect.


Oh dear. Good call on the quick death. The yarn's great. The pattern not so much ;) -sara www.glbt-knit.com/saras


You have been tagged. See my Tagged post for the questions.


I cruised over here from Alison's comments...what happened with that sock? yikes!!!! Have you ever seen the pattern knit up successfully?
RIP little sockie, good luck on your next attempt :)

PS - actually with my *fluffy* feet, perhaps I'm your sock pal? That looks like a perfect fit! hehehe


Oh no! That is all kinds of wrong. ;0) Good idea to end it quickly. Best of luck with the next try!