Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nancy Bush and the Summer of Lace!

Ok. So, then, on Saturday, I took a class with Nancy Bush - called Overture to Estonian Lace. It was a wonderful class. At first, she showed us numerous shawls (which were amazing) and then we did a sample (here at the right). The little 'bumps' in the middle that look like bobbles are actually called Nupps - and are much less annoying to make than bobbles. The other awesome thing we learned was the double bind off for the edging - it looks great, I think (even in crappy, non-blockable acrylic).

Of course, I much also show you another purchase. This time, it was a hand-dyed Little Edo Jacket kit from Cheryl Oberle's (of Folk Knitting Fame) collection. I saw the sample hanging up, and couldn't resist. She actually hand-dyes the yarn herself. And see the color? I'm branching out! It's not purple.

And for those inquiring minds, the details on the Brooks Farm Yarn. Here is a picture of the Clap in progress. I'm using the Duet yarn. It is so nice and soft - totally unresistable. And it was $30 for 500 yards!



Man, you are putting my lace knitting to shame. I am only doing 37 sts across on size 4 needles and only have 6 inches done. OK, I did stop to make a Fair Isle bag for the class I had to teach Monday night, but I have no excuse.
Was the puppy happy to see that "fun lady"?


Oh I would have loved to have taken her lace class, sounds like a good one. Lace is just so pretty.