Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots of knitting!

Well, I haven't had that much time to knit uninterrupted in, well, let's see, when was Cam born!? Over two years! Going down to NC for my father's funeral was fun, in some ways. I got to see my half-brother, uncles and some cousins that I very rarely get to see. We mostly sat around and reminisced, which made for LOTS of knitting time.

The big ticket item, was a finished a Hawthone Shawl for my stepmother to wear to the service.

This crappy iPhone picture was all I got... but it was a fun knit. The pattern called for 2 hanks of a 400 yard skein of worsted yarn, and the yarn I used was 100 yds a skein. I barely cracked into the 5th ball, if that helps anyone else knitting this. I want to make another one for my mother - it a perfect little shoulder warmer.

I finished one of my personal SOTM socks, and got a good start on the second one, AND I started a sweet sweater for Maggie. I'll get some good pictures of that and post it later.

But glad to be home, and getting ready to hole up for the huge snowstorm coming tomorrow!



beautifl shawl! but sorry for the reason you had to knit it, i'm sorry for your loss.


Yay on the sock (and everything else). I'm almost done sock #1 of SOTM - yay me!