Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Laugh

Well. This is the best picture that I could get of Maggie in the sweater - today is PJ day at school, and she just had breakfast. So her belly is all huge and the sweater kind of looks crazy.

I think I need to block it. And either make the buttonholes smaller or get bigger buttons.

But that picture is a good summary of my morning. Abby the dog is hovering the background, hoping that some child will drop something delicious. Maggie has taken off a shoe. And you can't see - but Cameron is behind me blocking Maggie from opening and drawers, yelling NO BABY!



Such a cutie pie! Wow Cece, she looks like you. Adorable sweater too, but baby and doggie pictures trump for me.


She is a serious knitware you rent her out? Do I hear Debbie Bliss calling? Is that Vogue Knitting on the line?? All kidding aside...what a beautiful baby. I agree, she looks like you.

Hope to see you in the very near future...Stitches West?


How much she has grown since camp in April! What a lovely healthy child - and walking! I hope to see you out here on the other coast again some time.

The sweater is wonderful, and the model.... priceless!