Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Girl Sweater!

I finished up the sweater for Maggie today! It obviously needs modeled pictures, but here it is for now:
Pattern: Tuckernuck, IK Winter 2010 - 2 year size

Yarn:Valley Superwash from Webs, 4 balls (pattern called for 6)

Needles, Size 4 and 6

Great knit! I would totally make this again. Nice easy pattern, but looks complicated. And it goes up to a 5 year size - so if this turns out to be something Maggie wears a lot, I would make it again.

I did 3 buttons instead of 5, because I never button her sweaters to the bottom - and I had four of these cool duckie buttons. But 4 looked weird. I like this look! And thank god it's superwash so I can't shrink it.



You totally lapped me! ... and inspired me to get WB's Tuckernuck (yellow) done.

Can't wait to see a modeled shot of Maggie in her new sweater (hint, hint).


Adorable! I'll have to go look up the pattern on ravelry.