Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shark mitts!

As fall approaches, I realized that Cam doesn't have any mittens. Last year I made him fingerless mittens, which he loved... but they are way too small for this fall. I waded into the stash to find yarn for another pair, and found the SharkMitts kit from Morehouse that I got the year Cam was born.

Looked like a fun, quick knit - and they were!

I would love to show a picture of Cam wearing them, but he cries hysterically every time I try to get him to wear them. So these may never serve the purpose for which they were intended. Sigh. I'll try again later.

I was a little leery of making these because I thought attaching the teeth would be annoying, but it was easy. I hope Cam changes his mind on these!



The shark mittens are to sweet. I am sad that Cam is afraid of them. Poor little boy!!


Bummer. Max hates mittens, too. Otherwise, I'd order like a meeelion of those kits - those are the greatest mittens ever!
Maybe we can make them in grownup size for ourselves...