Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rhinebeck Sweater?

Am I crazy to be thinking of making a new sweater for Rhinebeck?

I just was on the new Knitty and fell in love with Eileen.

I think I'll cast on tonight.

So I did a little math. Not including the collar, and doing a bit of rounding... this sweater takes 90,196 stitches to knit, in total. If I knit at 1 stitch per second.... that is 25 hours of knitting. That is pretty doable! I will commence tonight! I'm going to use some Blackwater Abby yarn that has been in the stash for ages - I think it will be perfect!



I love that sweater as well!


I tried to comment from work when you posted, but apparently the obsolete IE6 at work is too obsolete for Blogger: I couldn't view the captcha, and the audio one didn't work either! So Blogger wouldn't let me comment. Sigh.

Anyway... to answer your question,
Only crazy like a fox! Or like the insanely talented knitting rock star CeCe! Go for it! And I'm glad you can go. I wish I could, but there's a wedding I was told the date of a year ahead of time, Rhinebeck weekend. I'm not allowed not to go, sigh.

Have fun for me!


I'm not going either (I don't think), but that's a great sweater, and I'm sure the two of you will have a great time. Fondle some fiber for me.