Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Well, I finished up that sweater for Maggie! It's really pretty, if I do say so myself.

I actually used the wrong yarn - the pattern calls for Chirapa, and I used Mirasol Hacho - which is a little heavier. I went down a needle size, and also cast on for 12 sts less than the pattern called for - I think it's great. This is another pattern (Machi) from that book I'm obsessed with - Book Three from the Mirasol Collection. I like these patterns - they have shorter sleeves, which makes sense for babies - and I love using the sport/fingering weight yarn for baby sweaters too.

This pattern is a pretty cable - which has the sweater take a neat flare that looks likes pleats at the end of the st st bit. My only annoyance is that the picture in the book isn't great at showing the actual cable pattern so I had that trouble in the beginning (which could have been avoided by just reading the pattern more closely). But - I will say it's hard to even see the cable pattern when you are holding the finished sweater in your hands. Normally I would have found this aspect annoying (I rarely do cabling with a variegated yarn)- but for this sweater, I think the cables are more for shaping than anything else.

Now I'm onto my next sweater for Maggie! Another from the same book!