Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Little Birds

I spent a good portion of last week organizing baby clothes. I sorted through all of Maggie's clothes, getting rid of anything that didn't fit (and got it out of the house! Our best friend had a baby girl 2 weeks ago, and now we have a perfect hand me down recipient... thank god). But I noticed that my sweet Maggie only has one sweater for the fall! I needed to start knitting.

When my friend Tarsha and I went to Patternworks months ago - I saw this sweet sweater - Little Birds - and brought the pattern and exact same color yarn as the sample. I finally started it this week:

It's a fun pattern, easy quick knit. The yarn (Bretton) is nice too - and a much prettier purple color than this crappy iPhone picture shows. I'm sure I'll be done this week - and then starting another baby sweater... unless I can't resist casting on for something for myself out of the new Twist.



Great pattern. What size are you knitting for Maggie's fall/winter wardrobe?


Very nice pattern and the colour looks pretty good even for an iphone photo.