Monday, July 19, 2010


I've been knitting toddler socks, mostly - and would love to share pictures... but my card reader is dead. So if you forgive the crappy iPhone pictures - I'll share a little bit of sewing it did this weekend. I all of a sudden was inspired to sew a few cute things for Maggie! She even came with me to the fabric store - but wasn't much help in picking out fabrics. Maybe in a few years?

The first is hopefully re sized to fit her now - I'm going to try it on tonight. I finished it after she went to bed last night:The pattern is from Making Children's Clothes by Emma Harding. To size it for Maggie (who is in 6 -9 month sizes) I made it 4 inches less around. It's called the "Smock Top" and I think when I make it again - I'll space out the elastic a little more on the top. I really hope this fits! But if it doesn't, it isn't a huge fail - maybe $2 in fabric, and I can just try again!

These are the corduroy pants that I was envisioning to go with this sweater I made her. Did I even show the sweater on here? It's from that Mirsol book I'm obsessed with - made out of NON MACHINE WASHABLE Koigu Kristi Merino Crepe (note to self - read label before knitting from stash). I think it will be adorable on her, but I felt she needed maroon cords to go with it.

Buying them? $40. Sewing them myself? Again, $4 in fabric and another $4 for the pattern (which I'll use again if these fit right). They seem a bit large in the diaper area... but I guess that is a good thing. I still need to hem them and finish the waistband, but I'll wait until we are closer to the fall for that.



Cute, cute cute!! I'm glad you are all doing well.

Sarah (from Cattywampus)


Wow - that top is really pretty. I have never even tried sewing but if it saves that much, maybe I should.