Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toddler Socks = the potato chips of knitting

About a month ago, I decided that Cam needed wool socks for the fall. So I knit a pair. After I tried them on him, and saw the amazing cuteness of my son in hand knit socks....I can't stop.

I'm on pair 5. I love these. I love watching how my sock scraps knit up into a smaller sock. And they are the most perfect summer knitting. Even MORE perfect than lace or adult socks! My card reader seems to be dead on my computer, but I promise to show you the whole toddler sock herd (along with a bunch of other things I've taken pictures of but are trapped on the camera), and I'll even try to get a picture of them on Cam. You won't be able to stand the cuteness.



How many stitches do you start on?


They are so cute, he will be adorable in them and have nice warm toes.