Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've been buying yarn....

After over a year of no major yarn purchases (I think my last BIG yarn purchase was at the JCA sale last Sept) I've made three separate yarn purchases this past week! First, and perhaps the cutest, was 4 skeins of Manos cotton stria to make Sweetie Pie from Minnow Knits. I'm making one in hot pink and one in bright orange (colors 205 and 206 - I tried to take a picture but the colors aren't working), and I think these are the sweaters that the girls will come home from the hospital in. Of course now I have to find super cute outfits to match. Oh - and wait until you see the buttons I got!

Then, I was looking around at different yarn options for my Tempest (which I've decided is to be my birthday present to myself) and called Colorsong just to see if the colors I liked would look good together. Well, the woman on the phone was so nice.. I ended up just buying the yarn. I got Mahogany and Ruby Red. And they arrived in the mail the other day, and they ARE beautiful. But, I've already started a different sweater - have you seen the new patterns from ChickKnits!? I feel in love with the Mondo Cable Pulli, and had the perfect yarn in my stash (Cascade Pima Silk), so cast on for it right away. I'm forcing myself to wait to cast on for Tempest until I'm done with The Mondo Cable. It seems like it's a quick knit though, I'm already past the armholes (it's a top down sweater).

And yes, all of my knitting is plain stockinette. It's what I can do now. But I'm loving knitting again. I hadn't made an adult sized sweater in a long time, and the success had with the Beautiful Bohus (pictures when I can wrangle in Aaron to take some) has buoyed my desire to knit and have a few fun things to wear for when this pregnancy is over.

And the final stash enhancement? Some Goth Sock yarn! I logged in just in time for the 3 PM update yesterday. I had 3 skeins in my cart, but 2 sold out before I could click buy! I really wanted Hot Flash but I did manage to get a skein in Business Time (grey and black). I'll just have to try again at the next shop update.

I forgot how fun it is to get new yarn. I need to stop having fun with buying it and go back to stash knitting now!



Congrats on the successful steeking! I had never heard of Chicknits - I love the Cassidy sweater, think it might be bumped up to the top of the list. Thanks for the heads up.


Those sock yarns are awesome!


I hear you, I hear you. Two weeks ago I was a Wollmeise virgin. Then I managed to catch the Loopy update just right... three times in a row. Was I bad? I was so so bad.