Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It has been done. And it is good.

I called the yarn store on Monday. And we made an 'appointment' for 4:30 PM for the steeking to occur. I don't know why I was so nervous - but a lot of it had to do with the fact, I think, that this is the first adult sized sweater I've knit in about a year. I had a lot of time invested - time that is at a premium. I used to knock off socks or sweaters in no time at all, and if they failed.. no biggie. I had fun with the knitting, and would just make something else. But now? I'm only knitting things that I'm sure I'll wear - and they are taking a heck of a lot longer to complete.
Look how great this looked before we began the cutting:

Nice colorwork at the top, love the body shaping and the bell sleeves.... but it had to be cut. So Janet showed me how to sew the steeks (which was no big deal) and then I forced her to do the first cut:

Once I watched her do that first cut... I was good. I took over and cut it right up the middle. And last night, I picked up the buttonband and I think it looks wonderful:

I even tried it on, and it fit really nicely! At lunch today, I'm heading back to Woolpack and picking out the buttons and having them help me figure out the placement. I think I'll have a finished sweater by the end of the week. <== proof of how my life has changed! Last year? I would have said I'd have a new sweater by the end of the day. Doubt it. The Fishling and I are going to the lake for a swim after work - trying to get as much as we can out of this summer!



It looks really beautiful, Cece. You're going to get a ton of use out of this one.


It's gorgeous. I hear you on how babies impact knitting productivity. It's slow going but at least we're still going, right? Definitely worth it though :) And someday when they're teenagers and don't want anything to do with us, we'll be glad to have a hobby!


Look at that! Awesome!

I have plans in my head (for two years) for a steeked cardi. I know I share your trepidation. It will feel so good to have a FO sweater, since it's so much harder to come by these days.... (well, adult size, that is!)


What a gorgeous sweater! And it seems as though you made it at breakneck speed (I'm very slow). Congratulations!!!


The sweater is lovely!! I'm getting inspired to try steaking.